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im darker and the sea salt helped the healing alot

    From the album:

    woohoo sooo much better

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    hehe thanks avian...

    i used VICHY normaderm..its a cleansing system for girls..its realyl cosmetic but it works,, its a cleanser, toner and mouisturizer im sooo happy...:P

    plus when i was in florida i put salt water on my face and the sun helped alot:)

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    uhmm :drool: ..eerh. :drool: ..*gulp* he..hee.. :) ..hooo.hooo. :P ..eerh... ;)

    I totally forgot what I was gonna say :drool:

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    Is that beach in south florida?

    it looks awefully familiar.

    I live in miami

    By the way ... your are insanely beautiful! :P

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    Actually that beach is in St Petersburg...just a local one by where we were staying....

    yeah im doing pretty good with my skin and happy/:P

    thanks for the support:)

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    babe ur skin looks fine and u have no acne.. i dont wanna make u scared but do not depend on the sun to make ur acne go away... the sun will make the acne "hide" for a while, but when the tan goes away and u no longer are exposed to the sun, all bad results come from sun damage, to reappearance of acne. im not saying u have acne, nor m i telling u not to enjoy the sun and tan, but always use an good sun screen. cause the sun will have this effect on u. u will adore how ur skin will looks like when ur tanned but that doesnt mean itl stay like that when ur tan goes off. u get me?

    anywas check out my gallery and tell me what u thnik. id like to have ur feedback


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    hey happytobhere

    i know what you mean about the sun thing....everyone knows that a good tan helps make your skin appear to be more even...but that pic is from before i was tanned... like we were there 2 weeks and that was the first week...i tanned afterwards and go to the tanning salon now....in hopes of looking darker plus it just makes me look more smooth and everyone tells me it suits me...i just mean that my skin is clearing so i am really happy but especially happy lately because its tanned.. but overall its going good i meant:)

    ok your pics are amazing..your skin is very clear and if you have anything to worry about, i wouldnt because you are good looking ... your skin maybe looks a bit uneven on your left cheek but hardly at all....like it looks fine...so dont even worry about it...hey i was wondering if u had msn: [email protected]

    if you wanna add me ok? :P


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    Guest Guest


    Really zitro?? u live in Miami?? I live in vancouver but i'm a huge Heat fan since 1996. I think they finally can win it all this year :P:drool: :lol2:

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