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these were all when i first started so think twice before saying you have bad acne until you've looked at mine

From the album:

I was more depressed when i had acne then when on Accutane

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Aww man that must have been a really tough thing to go through :/ I admire how you're seemingly acceptant of how it used to look though, and I appreciate it how you've posted a picture so other people can compare how trivial their acne is compared to yours :D. Mine looked quite nasty because I had loads of dark red spots and some had yellow gunk hanging out of them, so I kind of know how you must have felt. If you could post some more pictures to show how you compare from now to then that'd be great :D. I was sooo depressed because of my acne, and if it wasn't for Accutane, I have no idea what I'd be like now. I've only been on a month, and already my confidence has come flying back. I'm no where near perfect, but I've definitely improved, and still am improving, meaning things can only get better from here :D.



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thanks for the advice i always play with my face and pop them. i am going to be put on acctuane in about a month i just took my first blood test today and i hate pointie objest inserted in my arm that shits feels nasty. i woould love to see the end results and how you feel ABOUT THE PILL THANKS!!

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Thank you for putting this up. Ive been looking through several of the galleries just looking to find a photo which looks similar to my acne. Now yes i am too cowardly to put up a photo atm, just my acne has seemed so sudden, im still in shock.

It took a while to find something like this because of the number of people who are on accutane with seemingly mild/ non existant cases of acne......

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