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its kidda hard to see but theres like all these ice pick scars


From the album:


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Photo Information for yuck!

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Are you kidding?! You have really nice lips, eyes, and your hair looks awesome.

Don't worry about scars. Scars are bitches, and no one likes bitches!! lol

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Ahh, the scar-bitches part didn't sound right lol, I have a bunch of scars too..I meant that you're too pretty to be bothered by scarring. It's barely noticeable and you have really good features that by far outweigh a few scars.

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You have pretty features they outweigh the scars your dark hair and eyes draw ppls attention away from your complexion. Don't feel bad they will fade in time, I have em too.

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Your very beautiful.

From what I can see in your picture, we might have the same amount of scars.

I have alot of ice pick scars, and there is only like two that you can really see, but most of them are very hard to see.

I worry about my skin all the time, but I'm sixteen, so maybe that comes with the territory. :D

By the way, I love love love love love your lips.

I want my lips to be bigger like yours, but they aren't, mine are very dainty and petite. :D sucks. lol.

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i agree with everyones comments, you are gorgeous :D you look like you got one of those smiles that can light up a room, and i can barely see your any scars

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IDidnt Notice Them Until Youu Put Ugly Acne Or Summut By Your Picture :D Youu shouldnt Put Yourself Down Lyk Tht Youu Really Beautiful && IKnow Youu Dnt Believe It Cuz Youu Think Were Just Being Nice But Honestly Youu Aree Youu Cant Notice Them Only If youu Point Them Out.

Hold Youur Head Up High Girl Cuz Youu Are Boo-Tii-Full ! x]

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