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Week 5 (2 of 3)

Unfortunately I only gathered the courage to take pictures of my face now, after Ive been on Differin now for about, lets say 5 weeks. These pics are taken after the IB, and I can already see a huge improvement. The pic was taken at night, after my nightly regiment.

From now on I will update my gallery often, promise. sad.png

The phase I am going through now is the look at perfect skin with very jealous eyes. I am 34 years old! I shouldnt be battling with this now!!

A bit of background info: I have never battled with acne, only started about 18 months ago. Slowly at first and then all broke loose. Went to a derm, got me on tane immediatly, after a month or so got such bad double vision I had to be taken of the tane. Now I am on Differin, and I really hope things will work for me. O and I am on the Mirena for birth control, so any estrogen birth control acne control is not an option as it will work against the Mirena birth control. Basically Differin is my only hope for now, and I will stick with it religiously.

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Differin Journey

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