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Make-Up/No Make-Up.. Ugh, I hate acne!

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i hate those dents! =(

does anyone know wht treatments i can do to get rid of them?

Hi there,

First of all, congratulations on your big improvement on your acne.

I have got similar scars like yours. i have got several fraxel done for my scars and i have seen some imrovement on the scars. now i've been using Bio-oil for two weeks, and i have seen some changes on my scars. espcially my left cheek and temple has smoothed out a bit and i do see some rolling scars on my right cheek has filled out a bit.

hope this would be of some help.

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Forget Fraxel laser, the Pixel laser is by far the best for acne scars, there is an awesome website with info on all kinds of cosmetic procedures called Realself, check it out, it helped me figure out what treatments work best because real people rate the procedures. Pixel laser has an 84% approval rating, one of the highest of all treatments. Good luck!

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i hate those dents! =(

does anyone know wht treatments i can do to get rid of them?

My skin is the exact same way right now. I think time is the only real treatment for acne scars. :D

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pixel and fraxel resurfacing is VERY expensive...there's no way i have 3 grand right now to pay for it. my dermatologist used to have acne way worse than yours. it was REALLY bad! but she said she had a lot of chemical peels over the course of 2 or 3 years and her skin is perfectly smooth now.

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heyy ! woww ! stunner lol !! seriously i love this pic u look soo nice u have nothing to worry about at all u r a sexy senorita :D x

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