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2 years after Accutane!

I sometimes forget what my face use to look like. I keep trying to tell myself - when the breakouts grace me with there presence - that its ''never going to come back''. My experience i would say was 60% psychological. I shut myself away for 2 years cos i was so ashamed, leaving college, work and general socializing. Well that was then!, NOW i am back at college and soon to be going onto medical school this coming September, and hopefully one day become a dermatologist. Acne has been my life for over 5 years, of most all of it has been real hard times. I know exactly what everyone is going through on this site and i wish everyone the very best. Trust me one day it will end :(

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2 years after accutane!

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What an inspirational gallery! Your skin looks gorgeous.

Thank you so much for posting this. You describe my exact situation right now.

Wishing you all the best and it sounds like you have a very bright future :D

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wow, you really didn't scar at all did you?

lol the light is very gentle. There not terrible, but you can see there has been some carnage there in the past. My chin has quite a lot of rolling scars across it. The most dramatic scar is on my right cheek which is very ice pick from 3 large cysts :D . which you can clearly see, but i suppose its my acne badge of honor :D

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hey i love the end results. im just curious how long did u have to take acctuane for?

The ''2 years'' has actually been about a year f'in around with topicals and antibiotics, which in my opinion do not work what so ever. For some reason there is this real antiquated way about treating acne with the dreaded Benzoyl peroxide. The 1920's this shit has been going round for, it is barbaric, and people bang on about the side effects of accutane. it workssss!. I had more sides with my face looking like someone literally had chucked acid over it, with the benzoyl, than a tad of dryness with the accutane. I believe along with antibiotics ''which only supress the acne'', made everythign worse. And accutane should be the first step even for minor cases 'MINOR DOSES' simple lol

Anyway 4 months i was on it for ,so i felt cheated once again, cos it was not even close to 100% perfect. And if i had to wait another 2 months for a dermatologist appointment i would end up killin myself. I now take 120,000 iu of vitamin A and 45mg of zinc equivalent to 36mg accutane and i do this for 6months on 2 months off. AND ITS MARVELLOUSSSSSSSS .still got my psychological problems tho. But beggers cant be choosers lol x

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