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back when i was pretty

back when i was pretty


miss my pale skin and freckles that are now being covered by a messsss! :(

he see's past the acne

love him:)


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Project Accutane

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you said, "back when i was pretty"

You still are pretty!!! Don't let your acne get you so down that you have a negative opinion of yourself, because that's the worst thing you can do. It may be horrible, but unfortunately some people have to suffer with it and some people don't. You don't have the worst acne in the world (if I had your face I'd be pretty happy! :D) and I'm sure that you're a nice person, so no one will judge you because some red marks on your face. If some did judge you purely on the fact you were unlucky enough to have spots, then they're just shallow and not worth bothering with. Keep your chin up. I hope your accutane experience goes well :D.

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thank you:) i really needed to hear that, and i actually just started my accutane. i'm not too familiar with the types of forms of isotretinoin but i think it may be a generic version?? its called sotret and i'm only on 20 mg. because before this they had my on sulfer which cleared it up a little, but my derm said that he'd up the dose either next month or the month after. i hope this works though! and thank you again:)

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