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If it's far away, it doesn't look so bad

I have severe cystic acne and so many red marks that my face takes on a red hue. Under poor lighting conditions and at a distance, it doesn't look too monstrous. I don't have the guts to take a high resolution picture of me at the moment. Perhaps a couple months into my accutane treatment, which I may or may not be able to start on march 30th, I will post one.

Read all about why here:


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I know what you mean ... distance is bliss, I looked alright in long distances when I had cystic acne, and now I look flawless at distances (and I'm not clear yet)

Good luck with accutane and post your progress to give hope to other cystic acne sufferers.

You have a great build by the way, if you have body acne and are embarrased to show it, you won't anymore since Accutane works well on the body and will most likely clear you up

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well isnt this a blast from the blasy.

looks like you are taking great care of yourself.

good luck with school and life in general.


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'ello beautiful :drool:

alas i am still here.. thought i was over this bad habit but acne has reered its ugly head again. yall lied!

accutane here i go

again :P

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It's just like the summer again, except we're not spending all of our time in the chat room :P

I can sort of see the acne. It looks like you've got those annoying cysts on your cheek bones like I had. I hate them!

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Your right Paul, it's summer all over again! Even Vince lurks around here still... And yeah, my acne is always the worse on my cheekbones and right below my eyes, and on my cheeks in general

And of course my dear sweet Elsa. I'm so sorry it's back :P

Hopefully ths time around, now that we're all experienced veterens, we'll kick this acne in the ass and be clear by the end of the summer.

And when we're clear, we'll go in for microdermabrasion so we can get back to our flawless complexions. I've already asked for it as my birthday present (in August). Good luck to us!

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dude. have you seen what that looks like after? thats some scary stuff :P

i am having a hard time now looking at spots looking red and raw thats quite another thing. you dont need it!

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Guest Guest



Hope u still remember me! Nice to meet u again all of my freinds! Paul, Elsa and U. Hope we could talk and exchange idea about getting rid of acne!

See u around, my msn is [email protected]

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Nice guns man :( . What do you bench press like 654 lbs.? Anyways, your skin looks fine here, but this is from a distance and even I look clear from far away. Keep it up anf I hope accutane works for you! :hand::dance::angel:

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