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Well..how bad are they..

So, i've had acne for a while now. it has gotten better at one point, but this picture is a recent picture. How bad is it?

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    Overall mild bordering on moderate due to the number of them but they are really only easily seen on this side. So if I was looking at your whole face i'd say the scarring is mild.

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    do you think theres any hope of it getting better? :D

    Of course there is. The scarring is so mild. I would seek a plastic surgeon and get his insight. I'm of asian descent and I favor laser treatments over any caustic peels. Laser in capable hands is effective. You still want to approach treatment conservatively though; whereby you slowly work your way up in terms of the laser settings. In any case, I did a spot treatment with CO2 (often avoided with asian skin, but in the skilled hands....), it worked great. It's taking me longer to heal, there is still a hint of hyperpigmentation, but it's resolving quickly with the application of MaMa lotion. I might go back for one more pass with the CO2 laser for the final touch. You have to wait 6 months in between each treatment with CO2, so I can't even consider it until November.

    Topically however, there are a few things I would try. I would go on Retin-A in conjuntion with the Obagi skincare line. It's going to make you peel (a good thing)...and the vitamin A will help rebuild the skin. It looks like your scars are still fairly new....Obagi will help with active acne too. Deal with the active stuff first then the scars.

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