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Would you look at that - Pic 1

left side

    From the album:

    underneath the makeup..

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    wow your skin looks so amazing

    how many mg were you taking? im thinking about going on accutaneee =/ im scared

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    Hi you guys..

    I am bryle, form the philippines..

    Been suffering from acne since i was on my second year at high school. Altough i get a pimple or two that time i guess it was way better than what my face looks like as of the moment. :dance:

    :dance: So let me first start by naming the produts that i have tried for the past 6 years of my life to control ACNE:

    Maxi peel- work for some time. made my face look like a ripe tomato.

    A cream from saudi arabia that my dad gave me- did not work either but made my face whiter than usual

    Neutrogena ( salysilic) - controled oileness, made me breakout even more

    Grape seed extract- Worked for months stayed clear.

    Combination of Maxipeel exfoliant # 2 and Biolink cleanser - gave me optimal results but did break out after 2 months

    Katialis and sebo de macho- Did not worked

    Had my facial- Had my glowing skin for the firsttime But after 2 months started to break out bigtime.

    My dad brought me PROacitv- at first it worked , have my clearest skin ever- 99% he he he... But when we moved to a new place i was breaking even larger than what i used to have. Acne Here acne there acne everywhere..LOL

    Dove cleansing foam from japan my aunt bought me- good cleanser but it was makng my face oilier than usual but believe me i did not break out for like a month or two..

    The oiliness bothered me and then swithced to sheseido perfect milk- nice.. but after the christmas - It seemed to cease it action. BREAKOUT once again,,

    Ponds -all their products made my acne worst. Promise.....

    Safe guard did not work either

    Dettol soap- did not work either, but noticed a liitle improvement

    Aspirin Mask- worked , but im so tired of applying it to the face almost everyday. but believe me

    Egg white- worked nice. but eww.. my face looks like ewww.....

    Accutane-- he he .. ive tried like 10 tablets- dont know.. i didnt noice any change ,,since we cant afford accutane i stopped it

    Zinc + vit c and a- worked for my face but my back it broked out.i was like whats happening to me.. should i kill my self.

    Anti pimple soap- at first it feels nice, my face really begun to look more toned and fair. But after a week big cyst on the jaw lines.. i hate it..

    Dove snsitive bar- eeww... made my face broke out

    Dove (pink) (white)- at first iit seemeed to be nice but later on god....youll regret you ever tried it.. but for some i guess it really workes

    Benzac Acne wash 5%- helped me,, but cant help the redness to i stoped it.

    Benzac AC gel 5%- this i guess is the best of all i tried it kept me clear for like months.. but after sopping.. hmm breakout again.

    PAnoxyl 10%- hmm its good dried up muy zits but left nasty scars. i use it for occasional break out.

    Combinaton of AHA and BHA- nice,..worked but i lost it and cant afford to buy one again. But currently i am planning to stick with it

    Retacnyl 5% ( more like retin a)- i use it evry day but sometimes i break out, sometime my skin feels smooth all over. but i usually get a bump or two..i like it although it breaks me out a little.

    Nizoral - for my neck acne , works really good, fast two to three tablets acne on necks becomes much lesser inflammed and irritated. But its expensive each tab costs Php 140.00 more or less 3-4 dollars.

    currently what i am using is Belo whitening bar soap, ive used if for like 3 times already and it feels good t leaves your face really clean, non greasy, hydrated, i also noticed the bumps becoming less inflammed, i dont know i guess it really nice.but ill wait. In addtition i also use retacnyl, and Panoxyl 10% for some on spot treatment.

    I am planning to keep this regimen and keep you updated.

    Current condition of FACE:

    Face- 7 active pimples. but unlike yesterday..its looks a little less inflamed, and red.

    Back(neck)- quite a few bumps 4 i guess on the back maybe 5 active spots.

    Front (neck) got 3 bumps

    My derm told me to continue using Retacnyl 5% along with high fiber, low fat, low sugar, low salt

    although she mentioned that foods does not affect your acne, some studies show this foods triggers acne.. dont know..

    Blah blah..so much for this drama.

    my tip for you is to feel good about youself, although its hard to do..but i assure you this makes your acne less frustrating...

    hope this helps.

    Takecare and godbless.

    Bryle :D

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