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Day 3 - left side.

This is day 3 on Accutane (Sotret generic).

I'm also on ampicillin for a while to help defeat any potential initial breakouts.

I don't know if it was the Accutane or ampicillin or just luck, but I had 3 somewhat large whiteheads on my cheek; they were gone by the next morning.

Current dosage:

30 mg in the morning.

20 mg in the night.

    From the album:

    Accutane Timeline

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    Photo Information for Day 3 - left side.

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    hey man dont worry about it, the tane looks like it helps everyone Im on it myself. I dont really see any significant changes but i hope it helps us both.

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    By what I'v seen and read, the accutane will clear your acne up. Its going to take time probably 3-6 months, so you hang in there and stick to it because there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Keep taking your pics because you will start noticing the changes soon, and its easier to see when you compare photos.

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    dont worry! like the others said, your skin is going to be clear in just 5-6 short months! can you imagine?!! hahah, im going on accutane myself here after my vacation in june! i wish the best of luck to you and i cant wait to see results and bet you yourself are very excited(:

    keeping posting pictures and keep us updated!

    just remember, your going to look great! you can count on it

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    I'm with you man, my acne is like yours but is getting a lot better from accutane, and I'm on month 2. I wish it was month 5-6. It's such a slow process and I hope that your more patient than I am because patience is not my thing and its getting to me. Stay up.

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