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fuck it

i didnt go to classes today i feel sick to my stomach i want to crawl in a hole i cant do this anymore. yah i picked to on my chin they hurt like hell what was i supposed to do

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Photo Information for fuck it

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I didn't read through the whole gallery, but here are my suggestions.

If you are in college, you might be able to get access to free birth control through your health clinic. If you tell them you are having a lot of breakouts and emotional ups and downs, they'll be able to recommend something for you - like Yaz or Orthotricyclen. Ortho worked for me.

Also, if you need to pick - wait until the spot is itchy. If it hurts - it is not ready. Then squeeze just once and wash your hands. Don't touch one spot and then go to another part of your face without washing your hands. This advice is only for when you absolutely can't stand it anymore. If you have the strength not to pick, then don't.

Don't stress about your diet and the smoke and all that. I did that for over a decade. None of it matters.

You are gettting older now - you just have a few more years of this at most as long as you don't really damage your face by using all kinds of harsh medications and antibiotics.

What's working for me right now is the water only method. You can check out my gallery to see it is really working well for me. Not a quick fix, though.

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thank you for your advice i will use it. i am on birth control. i have been much better at not picking, just sometimes when i get a hurty one and pick stuff shoots out then it feels better and goes away and sometimes nothing will come outand i just make it redder. i never know what to do. i will try to wait for the itch next time. thank you again.

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