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Month 4 - March 08, Pic 9

Since I'm using my album as a journal, too, I just wanted to look back on pictures of my boyfriend, Zach, and I. This picture was from our homecoming dance, back in September 2007.. before I started Accutane. We're still together and I just wanted to add this cause lately I've been thinking about how thankful and surprised I feel that he's stayed with me through all of this. Through all of my mood swings, "depression moments", complaints, the sacrifices. And he hasn't just stayed with me.. he's helped me and encouraged me. Always telling me things, like how happy, and how "even more beautiful" I'll be, after all of this is over. Just things like that.. and all those things just have a huuuge impact on me because they're coming from him. When he's the one I'm most concerned about when it comes to what I look like in front of him, and what he thinks of me, etc.


Ahh I don't know... I'm rambling now. I'm just really happy right now and I can't wait for my treatment to end!

    From the album:

    underneath the makeup..

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      I just looked through your album and your progress is really great. I noticed that you mentioned the support of your boyfriend a couple times and it was really refreshing to hear beause I'm a little worried about how this whole process will go with my boyfriend and I. It was kind of funny too, my boyfriends name is Zack. Sorry, I just saw your album and kind of related to it. My acne seems to be similar to yours, not wretched but pretty bad. I've never been so frustrated with anything in my life it seems. Anyway, you progress does look really great. Do you mind if I ask how you got over the initial break out? I haven't had one but I'm really worried about it. I'm also a little worried about the dry skin. Ok, I just wrote the longest comment ever, Sorry.

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