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End of Week Eight - Chin

WORSE! Lots of white heads on the underside of my chin that ruptured and are healing. Maybe some improvement with red marks, but it is so hard to tell from the redness.

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    weekly photo log of my progress

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    I think your skin looks improved from when you first started the regimen.

    I'm not sure if you've done the regimen before if so ignore my post.

    I've been using the regimen since August of 2005. I didn't really have cystic acne (maybe sparingly) and it was moderate but probably more on par with what you were dealing with three weeks in. I learned to NOT follow the "time line" because I was probably three to four weeks off of that. I was purging into week six and seven, and it wasn't till eight weeks in that my face stopped being so red and I was like "okay, this may be working". And after three months in is when I was like wow my skin MY SKIN. I never fully cleared up but I cleared up more so on anything I have ever been.

    My problem too was dealing with the dryness. I never knew how to combat it, and I am debating using jojoba oil (I am sensitive to oils). I would follow Cool With Kim Deal's advice on jojoba oil if you aren't already. Maybe that will help.

    Otherwise what I did is I skipped an application once a week. Like on Saturday I only applied in the morning and then just had lotion at night so my skin could have a "rest". I was afraid to exfoliate since the regimen said not to but after a while I was like F this. I mean my skin was shedding, and no amount of lotion was helping and honestly that helped some. I still got dry but I just tried to baby my skin. Like I get the driest around my mouth so some days I'd apply lotion first, and apply BP second everywhere but around the dry spots.

    Hope that helps some bit, and the meeting with your long distance sweetie goes well (:

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    Hey good job sticking with it. I have the same issue with cystic acne but mine's on my cheeks. Boo. Seems the Regimen is working quite well for you. I had a crazy break out the first week. It's healing now, but it was so hard. I hope if I stick with it, my cysts will heal. Thanks for posting. I can really relate to you and that makes me feel like I'm not totally alone. Thank you!

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