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Acne from a different perspective.

If there is one way severe acne has positively influenced me, I think I've finally realized how it has--

My acne has worsened my already large temper to cause me to get into a fight. I lost the fight, and was determined not to ever be pushed around by assholes anymore. I worked out like mad.

After a few months, I began to see some muscle. It was not what I had expected. I developed a strong interest in muscle building that continues today.

My face was a mess, and I had pretty much given up. No matter what I did, I could never guarantee a day without at least five new zits. My skin was unpredictable.

But I pumped iron like there was no tomorrow because the results of iron-pumping was predictable. The harder I worked, the more improvement I saw. And I was determined that if my face was a mess, I'd at least aim for a Calvin Klein body.

After seven years of acne and anger, my face is finally decent-looking. And I had gained over thirty kilograms of muscle.

I thank my acne.

From the album:

Hey, acne.org looks great

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Man, that's really awesome. You're in great shape. But what happened to your acne? Did it just clear up by itself? You're so lucky if so.hahaha

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You look gooooood!

I understand what you are saying. I did the same thing, but my aim was to lose weight and get my body toned. Now I'm 20lbs ligher and look hot in (and out of) my clothes! Gotta thank acne for that!

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