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what kind of scars are these?

I'm not quite sure.. but I would like to know so I can rid myself of them...

ah, ignore the big scrape. it's from me geting hit by a car (yeah, a car)

From the album:


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Wow, just be happy you're okay after being hit by a car!

Seriously, the scars don't look too bad at all. It's hard to tell in the photo whether or not they're pitted. The basic rule is that, if they're pitted, the indentations are likely to be with you forever. The discoloration will fade over time, though, and this generally makes the scars much less noticeable. Sometimes, dermatological procedures can help with the indentations, too. If they're just red marks, then there's no damage to the underlying skin tissue, and the marks should fade over time. A chemical exfoliant like glycolic or salicylic acid will help them fade faster. The exfoliants will also help pitted scars look less noticeable, as they contribute to an overall smoother-skin appearance.

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