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Month 3

I made it to the end of month 3. Yaa! Just 3 more to go.

I am not seeing as much progress as I would like and apparently neither is my derm because he upped my dose to 100mgs a day or 120mgs. I won't know until I see the packets they come in. The derm did not tell me the dosage, just that he upped it and I would be taking 3 pills a day now instead of 2.

The whiteheads I have on my chin are slowly turning into blackheads and then working their way out. Did this happen to anyone else? The ones on my cheeks are stubborn!

I have not had any new side effects really. Well just pink eye which I know was caused by dry eyes. My skin is still dry but manageable along with dry lips. I've also be a tad sad at times and more grouchy but I think this has more to do with college readings and papers than anything else.

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