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My process

So far my active pimples are all dried. I just have the scars and redness. But, no big deal. It will clear up until 3 months or so.

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    I admire your will Claudia. I took B5 for about 3 months and saw no improvement, not to discourage you but accutane has done the trick for me, im now in my 4th month.

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    Dearest Claud,

    I really really salute you fro your courage and will. I hope you can get better soon. I had really bad acne too and I am drinking lots of ACV with Honey and also taking Milk Thistle from GNC. You may wann give it a shot. GOod luck girl. Hugs!

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    Hi Claud,

    I really feel for you and understand what you are going through. If I understand your situation correctly, you switched from using BP to using SA. If this is the case then I have seen simular problems in myself and a few other people I know. I was using an SA based regimen which was OK, but I still broke out so I switched to a BP based regimen. The outcome was horrific. My face was swollen and red, my neck peeled and all of the active pimples I had swelled to three times their original size. I called a dermatologist and he said that the problem was caused by an allergic reaction to the BP. I stopped the regimen immediatley and used only mild non-acne fighting soap and moisturizer for a week to let the swelling go down before I went back to my orginal regimen. I have seen the same thing happen to people who have switched from BP to SA. You might be allergic to the SA, especially if your skin/face feels really swollen and or warmer than usual to the touch. My skin did stop swelling when I stopped using the regimen that caused the reaction. I hope this might shed some light on your situation and things will get better.

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    I really wish I had the patience like you and just say to myself "No big deal." I wish you well and don't be afraid of tryng roaccutine/accutine

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    Staying positive improves positive blood flow. your body will love you for it. it may take awhile, but youll have some compassion for those who go through it after you clear up. Your to be commended. never lose faith.

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