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depressing lol

depressing lol


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    opinions on what to do ?

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    Try this, but you decide what strengths of products to use depending on how sensitive your skin is. this regiments, uses; *Salicylic Acid to clear out pores or fead skin, *BP to kill bacteria and encourage peeling, *Retin-A to increase cell turn over, nomalize cell function and smoth skin texture and skin tone. Your acne is pretty bad man, mine was bad too but this is what i did to clear it up after a long battle.


    *how you use a product is as important as the active ingredients in the actual product.

    * treat your skin very gently always.

    *dont pick probe or anything.

    *After you do what you need to do, wash, medicate etc just forget you have any skin problems at all and just leave your skin alone.

    * Eat fruits and vegetables alot and take a zinc supplement daily.

    In the morning:

    * Wash your face with a Salicylic Acid facial wash, use "Garner Pure A" coz its gentle.

    Wet face with warm water for long enough to get the pores open fully, apply about a bottol cap size of the facial wash to your palm, rub your hands together but not unlil you get a lather just until its spred evenly over all of your hands, start rubbing gently on your face until you work up a tiny lather and then massage it into your problem areas, dont think of it as washing your face with soapy substance instead think of it as a facial massage with some oils that you want to massage well to get it into your pores. Massage this into your face for about a minute then rinse well with warm water.

    *After washing face, apply a good moisturizer that leaves a nice feeling afterwards, wait a few minutes before the next step.

    *Apply a small amount of BP to your finger (about the size of half a pea for a portion of your face the size of the whole of one of your cheeks), massage it in as well as you can to your problem areas.

    *Go through your day trying your best not to think about your face or touch it or look at it in the mirror (it looks the way it looks and looking in the mirror wont make it any better)

    At night:

    * wash your face the same way, wait 20 minutes

    * Apply Retin-A as directed (i started on 0.025% and about 3 pea sizes for my whole face, i hardly reacted badly to it at all, then 6 weeks later not much of an improvment beside for the areas of my face with no acne having super smooth and evenly toned skin but acne still there, so i went on to retin-a 0.05, but i think my skin is just not sensitive so i need more of everything, now my breakouts have dramatically reduced)

    Get back to me in 4 weeks and tell me how it went if no improvment i got other ways that might work.

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