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o acne :(

my acne is ironically at the best its been in months right now, it won't last long no doubt, which is funny because i start my accutane in about a week. But still my skin is terribly oily and i have tons of little bumps all over my face most you cant see it these pictures. It gets so much worse then this.

I have tried many different topical and oral medicines for acne since i first starting getting it about 8 years ago. I never gave up on one product after only a week either i always let my self try it for at least a couple of months before going on to something new. Nothing has worked and my skin has just got worse and worse with every new product.

I can't take the feeling of having acne anymore it has caused me to miss out on going to high school its destroyed relationships with partners and friends, i wish i could just find a way to be completely confident with who i am but the only way i see being able to do that is being able to not feel like people are looking at my acne and not at me.

bottom line acne is a horrible thing to go through and i really hope this works, is there anything i should know? Is the IB more then likely to happen to me? My doctor is...an odd one and seeing as to there are so many beautiful people on here going through what i am about to go through, what better place to find out the do and don‘t, the time it takes, whether or not its actually worked etc...

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    Hi there, I don't mean to scare you but my acne was quite like yours as I begun with accutane...lots of uninfalmmed tiny bumps and very oily...I'm on day 37 and I'm still breaking out. That is that the tiny bumps got big and inflammed but they don't really come to the surface of the skin anymore so they take quite a long bit to heal now.

    I thought that I was less likely to have IB than others but it was not so. I still would do it though! Skin is overall looking better, the complexion is more even and I'm not oily anymore (wich means that the makeup lasts way longer and is able to cover the IB)...so...just don't expect to be clean in two weeks even though you have very mild acne...GOOD LUCK on your COURSE

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