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My skin is even worse than this now...there are days when I wake up and just want to die. Acne can make you hate yourself when everything otherwise is wonderful...I've been depressed and won't go out...acne is taking over my life

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i dont have acne anymore...but i can relate to this..not wanting to go out..the hopelessness...i think you should see a derm and be frank about this..get a few obagi blue peels..some ipls..just tackle this full on...once you have got to a certain point..find a regiem..i know..easier said then done...acne is a bitch and i feel like an assclown for being such a priss when i had just 1 or 2 spots at the most..if i were in other ppls shoes here id be the most intraverted person in the world.

hang in there..just go full on...ill be honest the DKR is not going to help..you need something that wont upset your skin..right now it looks like anything could upset it..

find a dermatoligst who cares..and trust me you will know if they care the firt few moments into the talk.

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If your going back on accutane does that mean that you were on it before? Did it work for you last time? Did your derm say anything about Spiro? By the way I still think your a very pretty girl, and I know that it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks because its really how this makes you feel! It sucks ass how much it affects your life.

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its not that bad.. if i saw you out on the street, i wouldnt think much different than if you had a clear face...

dont worry.. things get better down the road.. u will see. it always does

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Hey, Accutane will help you again if it did last time! You are right, don't give up. I have had acne on and off for years now and this is my first time on accutane. I have hope (some days) and I feel hopeless other days! Acne does make you feel terrible about yourself. But you are beautiful anyways!

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I know exactly how you feel, i used to stay in for months on end and not leave the house unless i needed to which resulted in me losing a lot of friends from my social circle! I realised one day how sad and pathetic i was being hiding away from the world locked up in a bedroom 24/7.

Life isnt supposed to be spent like that!

Im now 22, have a good job, a gf, and more friends than i could hope to wish for.

I think you're a very attractive girl n i aint just saying that to make you feel better. Your hot. lol.

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i read your post. good luck with the accutane. i've been thinking of going on it. i was wondering how you responded to it the first time you were on it?

i know about the feelings of depression and frustration. i've had my own skin problems for a long time. i'm 29 now and have dealt with it since my teens. you are a beautiful girl...stay strong.

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