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i have waited so long for this moment.

ok. i just took this picture yesterday at some club. i'm only showing half of my face cuz i was drippin in sweat from my forhead and hair was just not workign withme. so, here i am, acne free. it was a tough journey , now i just have redmarks which are kinda noticeable here but they actually kinda look like i have blush on which is good. i'm wearing EM right here to hide the red marks. i do have some scars as u can see and some more by my jaw line...i just hope they go away or get better. PLEASE DON'T PICK ON UR FACE! i did...and look wut happeened.

i deleted some of my pics i had posted here while on tane. if you want to see them pm me and let me know. my face was very very very bad. and i broke out throughout the course until 2 wks before month 6. so have faith! u may just clear up!

btw. i haven't been takin tane for the past two wks because ipledge messed i t up. but i think im goin to continue takin them starting next wk again and for another 2 more months. it will be month 7 next thrusday nov. 11.

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congrats :D Im glad you are free of acne! you opened a can of whoop ass on acne!

go on wit your bad self...

club eh? hope you shake it but dont break it..

anywho.. hope you are happy ... thats all that matters in this world.

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Wow. I hope that happens to me. It's kinda inspiring to see all these pretty ppl with acne. (or in your lucky case, HAD acne). It makes me think, if they can get through it, so can I.

So, fio, use it but dont abuse it. ( I dont know what that actually means. I just like it cos it rhymes. :D )

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Thanks for sharing your accutane story. It gives hope to those of us who are several months in and STILL breaking out terribly. Thanks! Congrats on your acne free face!

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wow you look awesome and your skin is fantastic. thanks for posting the pics, what a difference the accutane has made!!

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