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with makeup, looking normal

I've been on accutane before, have used proactiv, Murad, birth control and a plethora of other methods for clearning my skin and nothing is going my way. I'm planning on visiting the derm next Tuesday and I'm praying that she'll let me go back on Accutane. Regardless of the horrible side effects, nothings has been as effective clearing my skin. Wish me luck! I hope everyone else is seeing results in their treatments...as frustrating as acne may be, it is not who you are so don't ever give up!

EDIT: I just saw the doctor today, and I am going back on Accutane, thank God. I'm tired of everyone telling me that I'll outgrow it- I'm tired of being the ugliest girl at school- I'm tired of being ashamed of my own face- I"m tired of crying myself to sleep at night...I just want to be rid of this plague on my skin that has dramatically affected my teenage years mentally and emotionally...There are times when I look in the mirror and actually want to die...just to give up...because I'm afraid no one will really respect me or get to know me in this superficial world...and gosh, i'm just ranting now, but I need support right now. Best wishes with everyone else's treatments...

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      you are very beautiful and i know how tormenting acne can be, im 24 years old and ive had acne for 9 years :D i always need my foundation/powder-thank god im a girl!! but anyways do u know how much accutane is? my dermo at school doesnt want to give it to me and all he says is "its very expensive" but how expensive? i dont care anymore, i want clear skin!!

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