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Day 31 with new makeup

Just got my samples of Everyday Minerals and I have to say, quite impressed with the coverage. I had some very red places from a recent outbreak and was dreading putting a powder based makeup on them. My skin was oily after and had 3 places that broke out but two were in places that were already breaking out and the other was where I fell asleep with my face on the pillow with makeup. I didn't sleep in it all night, just an hour long nap. I think the results would be better after my initial breaking out is done because right now I'm "removing" all this junk from my pores several times a day. None of the whiteheads have come back but, there's just so damned many of them. And they're so deep! Not to mention the lovely purplish red marks they leave no matter how gentle you are. (Sighs) My skin is already better as you can see from the pictures but, it seems as one place is clearing another is breaking out. Nothing new to the DKR forum but, it is annoying.

Bring on month 2 and acne prepare for being sent straight to hell

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      I love your attitude towards this. "Month 2, acne prepare for hell." It reminds me a lot of me when I was doing the regimen. I'm commenting because our skin types seem similar to me, only my breakouts are/were way more severe.

      Whatever you do, don't pick or pop anything! I know whiteheads are disgusting looking sometimes and if they pop on their own that's one thing but it reeeeeeally is better in the long run if you don't touch your face at all.

      Seeing that you're 2 months into the regimen I am excited for you and hope that you stick with it because judging by the way it worked for me I think it will work for you as long as you keep doing it no matter how bad the breakouts get...

      I know you said in your bathroom mirror your skin looks way different but it really is not bad at all. I was on Dan's regimen for like 3 years and when I go back and look at all the photos I posted over the span of that time, there were times I was complaining about something I shouldn't have opening my mouth over because my skin had improved ten-fold but I was just too critical. Remember that we judge ourselves the hardest and try not to stress over your acne, because it's really not too bad :D

      Good luck and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask or check out my gallery for some inspiration. Although the CSR didn't clear my acne entirely it sure made a big difference for me and I think it will for you too.

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