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Trying to find what works for my 11-year old daughter


This is a picture of what Sarah's acne looks like. From researching on Acne.org I have come to the conclusion that she has a mixture of milia and acne vulgaris. I'm not really sure, but that's what I think. Can anyone tell by looking? I have tried the derm, no success, I have tried taking her off diary products, no success. I did take her to a skin specialist and they extracted quite a bit from her forehead and then gave me PCB toner for her to use every night and morning. She also uses sulfur soap, but it has not seemed to make a difference. They are a little red right now, but normally they are very tiny bumps all over her forehead and some are bigger that I refer to as closed comedones. I'm trying to find a solution or regiment that works, but haven't so far. We have tried doxycycline, differen, clearisil daily wash for sensitive skin (ouch, that messed her face up good), benziclear(sp). She is 11 and I don't want to get too invasive, but I'm at a loss as to what else to do. Any suggestions from anyone out there?

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    Hello :D

    Sounds like you have tried quite a few different things and nothing is really working. Unfortunately, this is what a lot of acne sufferers go through. It'll take time to find out what really works for each individual's skin. From my own experience, I found that the minimalist approach worked best. I tried many different over-the-counter acne fighting creams/cleansers/masks/toners and i've been on a couple different prescription products but nothing worked for me until I started a very gentle approach. It seems common for acne sufferers have sensitive skin - this was the case for me. I think that using harsh chemicals on the skin just irritates it more and makes it more prone to breakouts.

    Currently, I am using a gentle soapless cleanser - SpectroJel (for sensitive skin). Afterwards, I apply a bit of Cleanance K (by Avene) - it contains a mild preparation of glycolic acid which helps to unclog pores. I started using Cleanance K about a month ago and so far, it's really working! Then on dry areas I use a bit of emu oil cream.

    I think for your daughter, the most important thing is to be gentle with her skin and give it time to heal. She should wash her face no more than twice daily and be careful not to touch or scratch it (as this may transfer oil and bacteria from the hands and exacerbate the inflammation). If she tries a new product, she should stick with it for a month or two before discarding it. It takes time for the skin to respond to new treatments and sometimes it gets worse before it gets better.

    Hope that helps! Good luck!

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    Awww can I just say well done for actually taking notice and trying to help your daughter - theres nothing more frustrating than having your parents say "its looks fine, i cant even see anything honest!"

    I dont want to be too invasive but has your daughter started her periods yet? I believe from experience that hormones and diet cause and affect acne most. Dianette contraceptive pill might be an idea for the future? As for diet - you say you have tried cutting out dairy, have you tried cutting out refined sugars, dairy and all grains? I have found this very effective but really difficult to stick to and at 11 yrs old its seems really unfair for a girl to have to miss out on yummy foods and eating what she wants. If sarah doesnt mind taking a drastic diet change then look up "the hunter gatherers diet" on google.

    If it was me id take sarah back to the derm and demand another treatment. Derm and doctors tend to put you on every other med they can before putting you on accutane because of the side effects. There are so many meds around to try, im sure theres something that can work for sarah. Gd luck xxx

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    I dont know if you would consider, but I had a similar type of acne, but my bumps were a little smaller and I started with them just being on my forehead, but this past new year they spread to my cheek. 3 weeks ago I started using ProActiv the Gentle Line. Trust me, I really think she would notice a difference. And it's not as harsh on the skin. My skin feels so nice after using it and almost all of the bumps are gone now. I am still going to see a derm to see if she thinks I would benefit from switching BCP's but that's not until next week. Good luck to you and your daughter and I hope you find something that works.

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    i read your post. it sounds like your daughter has tried a number of different approaches. sounds like me and i'm 29. still trying to find mine.

    throughout my years suffering from acne i can honestly say that over the counter products do not work. it's much better to go to a derm or your primary care physican and talk to them about your concerns. if one derm doesn't listen go to another until you find the one you can talk to and understands.

    you may want to try a combination of an antibiotic such as tetrocyclin with a regimen such as obagi clenziderm for dry skin. i'm currently using the one for normal to oily skin. it consists of a wash, benzoyl peroxide lotion(it is new and is 1/10,000 the size of normal bp lotions such as proactiv), and a therputic lotion to apply. since your daughter has dry, sensitive skin i would give this a try. you can purchase it at plastic surgeons offices. they will probably do a consultation and then recommend a line to use. make sure you ask for obagi clenziderm for dry/sens skin.

    hope this helps...good luck!

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