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Side 1

Does anyone get pimples in the same spots??

I always feel like when one shows up, then more show up right around it or the same area of the other side of my face.

Do I have an infection?

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    Mine's actually the same way... always showing up in the same spot. Sometimes it's because i messed with it (popped it, etc..) and the bacteria can spread (not on the surface so much, but don't in the pore). You've probably heard that the worse thing you can do is mess with your blemishes, but i also know that it is soooo tempting b/c you just want them gone! Let it do that on it's own. Don't over-wash, over-scrub, or pick AT ALL! (a hard lesson i'm learning myself). Even when you do all these things, obviously it takes a whole arsenal to get rid of it, but don't lose heart! Sometimes is only shows up in the same place because it's hormonal and those types of break-outs are in the chin & jaw area. I swear... i just had one spot right underneath the corner of my mouth about 1/2 down! I had 3 or 4 heal and reappear over the course of 2 weeks or so. So frustrating!

    I've felt the same way about my husband, being ashamed and all.... have you talked to him about it? when my husband and i first started dating 2 1/2 years ago, on our first date i had a huge zit that i was trying desperately to hide from him. i had picked at it and it was noticeable. i don't ever want to try and mask myself for him b/c that's not what he married me for. we've always dealt with my insecurities about my skin and sometimes i have to ask him for reassurance. but it's only tolerable when i have confidence in who i am and what i know is under these temporary red bumps. you are beautiful! don't lose heart! you really are gorgeous

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