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Ok ... we all knew this time would come sooner or later.

Well it is here

I must go out. I must go out in public that is. I must go to the mall pick up some things for school as well as gift for my boyfriend for our anniv (close to 3 years). I put tons of make up on of course flat ironed my hair (now that I look this ugly I have to make up for it with other things.)

Oh and in case you were wondering what I am doing here so early for the past 2 days it is because I have 2 days of from work for holidays. Well ok. I will see how many peaople will stare at me and make weird faces. My self esteem has gone down the floor ... :/ Terrible what acne can do to a person.

2 weeks and if all goes well I will go on accutane ... 2 more misrible weeks.

    From the album:

    Accutane step by step

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      it might help to remember that other people dont notice it as much as you do.. i think you look fine, and im sure you'll get some looks, but not the kind you're expecting :D

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      LOTS AND LOTS of people have skin like yours, you have to remember this! It is so easy to compare ourselves to the clear faced people, but what about the people whose skin is much worse than ours?? Accutane will fix this for you. I have just started accutane, four days in, and I will be posting pictures soon. I keep a blog and since you will be a couple weeks behind me in treatment feel free to read the blog and know what to expect. We will have clear skin!

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      Your not even close to ugly, the acne will never take away your beauty! BUT I also know what you mean when acne makes you FEEL ugly...just know you definatley ain''t, i think you're gorgeous!

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      Hi Jowitka,

      Acne is a symptom that something in your body is not right. Keep your head up, stay away from antibiotics (unless it's life-threatening), put only good foods in your body.

      Takes hard work and a change in lifestyle, but it is worth it. Suffer now, enjoy later.

      All the best,


      p.s. you are brave for posting your experiences. I also posted my experiences and it was not easy... I had the exact same breakout as you. Check it out.

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      You're a gorgeous gal.

      I know EXACTLY how you feel tho.

      I'm 20, still breaking out.

      And I hide everywhere.. & avoid people.


      And it's really taking control of everything.

      I'm starting accutane Oct. 22.

      I keep wanting to hold it off but it's driving me insane and my acne is just NOT getting better. I think it's time for me to start.

      Keep up with the updates, pls! <3

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      Have you started accutane yet??? I know you said you were going to. If you did, how is it going so far. The first couple months are hard but just stick with it!

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