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me after 2months

HELP!!! This is me, i have been using the product for 2 months and as you can see I have bad breakouts, since using this gel i havwe notices a lot of red spots lingering nd they look like they have been scaarrred! i notices an improvement in the frst month but recently I have had bad breakouts and I am getting frustrated as it seems to be affecting the same area evry time. what should i do? any advice anyone???

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2 months in nd this is what i look like

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Hey man!

My skin kind of looked like your's at first. Hang in there and you will be rewarded! It has been 4 weeks now since some pimples on my face formed that were the same type of big pimples near your chin. The area was always red. I popped one or two of them because i couldn't take the pain. Some of them went away from the BP but others kept getting bigger and formed huge whiteheads and the white stuff inside hardened that using BP didn't help. And some day when i pat dried my face after washind they just fell out of the skin and left little holes that immediately started to bleed. I could pick up the stuff that fell out and it was somewhat hard, but i was glad it was gone. What happened: The area stayed reddish and the spots did not seem to fade. So now after 4 weeks i can see that these pimples that fell out on their own and the ones i popped left indented scars....

So what I'm trying to say is keep using BP as directed in the Regimen and if painful deep pimples form don't pop them or you might scar. If they are painful and you cant take it go to the doctor I'm serious I have ugly scars because i did not see a dermatologist. I'm pissed off :D Looking at pictures where i didn't have one scar now I have like 5-8 of them which are semi deep...

Good luck man

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Hey, brother. I'm about two months into the regimen as well, and I would say my progress is almost as slow as yours. But I'm sticking with it, and I'm confident good results will come with time. To help with progress, I would say to follow DK's instructions for shaving exactly, if you already aren't, and not to pick or pop at all. Check out this post if you haven't yet:


Also, it seems that many people take about 4 months to see obvious improvement, so keep at it, man.

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