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OK, It is getting yh eh ... I don't know ... when I think it is going away .. it comes back. Vicious cycle ... never stops. I called my old derm the one who messed my face up and than went on vacation ... and left a message with her assistant who said she would call me shortly ... she never did and when I called I was panicking ... so it shows how much the old derm ever cared ...

whatever ... as upset as i am and as ugly as i look i try to get through this. As hard as it is smile.png)))

my face looks ugly, i feel shitty and still dont go out anywhere except work and school and that is a stretch for me because people can still see me. I feel bad for my bf because he has to stay home with me all the time cry.gif((

I swear to god derms like that should never practice med again!!! I would strangle her if i only could that is how much I hate her!!!

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      Sucks does'nt it, you should try roaccutane if you have'nt already but except from that you just gotta be strong cos you are going through a very vulnerable (and painful) period in your life And no i am not a shrink,but i can relate to your experience.

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      my derm fucked up my face as well

      he gave me some cream and i broke out horribly

      hang in there

      everyday is progress

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      I wish I was your b/f :D You shouldnt be down on yourself, I think you look pretty. When I look at your pic, I stare at your eyes... your acne doesnt matter.

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      Hang in there

      your probally haveing your IB breakout. but keep cleaning and mostrizing but i warn you do not use any bp products like proactiv or anything wit bp it will scar and make you worse. So if you need something use neutrogena oil free acne wash works good and effective but dont use scrubs or anything abrasive

      you will scar wit those products

      Good Luck :D:dance:

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      tbh you're still hot with acne, and you will be even hotter without it. No you're not ugly, even with your skin looking the way it is. Anyway, acne passes (if treated correctly) to just hang in there.

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      I know it's no use saying "acne does'nt matter" and blah.. 'Coz at the end of the day, it's still there and no matter what, you'll feel super self-conscious.. So all I'll say is, continue with your dosage of accutane, do NOT use very strong BP 'coz it's gonna scar.. Try isotretenoin, it really helps..! And btw, you're pretty either way.. :D

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      Listen, you are beautiful. You think people are going to think you have a disease because of your FACE? Give me a break. You need to rely on who YOU are to be confident. Posting your face on this forum shows you don't care what people think of you and your face. I mean, millions of people are on the internet. What if you lose your leg, someone scratches your face, or have a bum eye. You gonna make that change you? Come on girly, you stronger than that.

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