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its not as visible because I'm using a webcam to take this picture.. but basically if u ignore the discoloration, the dots on the skin are tiny icepick scars.. they are just tiny holes.. kind of like if u push a pushpin through a wall.. and what is left of it, when u take it out..

POOP :cry:((((

my mom refuses to believe so i tell her that these things (the ice pick scars) don't heal itself... but she just ignores me.

From the album:

dents can ruin ur college experience

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This isn't bad at all! You shouldn't let this ruin your college time. If the scars are so tiny, I'm sure they could easily be covered up whit a little makeup if that makes you feel better. I'm in college too, and feel I look way worse than this. My scars are actually visible from over 10 feet away. But I try to cope the best I can.

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i feel ur pain i have that too..plus i still break out it is pissin me off...however im goin for lazer and vibra abrasion this thursday so im crossin my fingers

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ive seen people with scars worse than yours. in fact, urs arent bad at all. they are very tiny and on the light side. i im in college too and i know EXACTLY how you feel. i swear im the only person in my whole dorm who has acne! and ive had it since i was 12 (im 19 now!) i deffinetly feel like its (acne) has ruined my whole youth. im so worried about seeing people when i leave the shower or if theres a fire alarm in the middle of the night ill have to put on face makeup really quick. ive stopped going to the gym too because when i sweat my makeup goes away and u can see my scars! ahh. i know, i sound like im whining, but im just putting it all out there.

do you wear makeup on your scars? and if so, what kind? i swear, actual pimples are easier to cover than red/brown scars!

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your scar is very very mild!!!! just relax, you're a gal so just use a little makeup and it will be non-existant...

or you could go for skin needling,cheap effective and works well for mild scars like yours...

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