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So ... 11:16 EST ... Labor day

getting worse and worse ... I am off cefdinir, that nasty drug for infection that got my face looking the way it does now. Soon I will be off to emergency room ... I have developed yeast infection from that antibiotic, and from that yeast infection I got urinary tract infection that can lead to kidney infection. Beautiful. Since it's labor day ... everyone is closed and I all I have left is the er. Please someone shoot me it is getting worse and worse minute by minute. School starts tomorrow. Oh, did I add that ever since I started that stupid antibiotic couple of weeks ago and ended a coule of days ago I have I real bad case of diharia too? Could it possibly get any worse?

My boyfriend went to get me bacon egg and cheese sandwich ... my comfort food. Well as you can guess I have been crying all morning. I am dropping out of one class so not to many peole could see me like this. That puts me at two classes in school and two online. Best I could do. Forget the gym, I won't show my face like this to anyone. Yup. My life ... hell.

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Hey there, try not to stress too much (I know it's hard) but stress will make your acne even worse. Only look in the mirror when washing etc. it will help to keep your mind off of things.

It will probably get worse for the first month or so on Accutane, likely an initial breakout. If it gets bad, talk to your derm becuase there are antibiotics they can prescribe to help with that for the first part of your course.

Above all that, just try to stay positive and know that you are on the best med and it will work in time. Just don't pick/pop, because you there will be a good chance of scarring ifyou do.

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I truly recommend that you get a full course of diflucan and some really good probiotics. This may help your skin and will clear up any yeast in your gut.

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When do you start your accutane treatment? I so understand you when you say you want to go out as little as possible. You feel so frustrated! I spent my labor day weekend counting down till treatment starts (10 days). I'll keep you posted on what I'm experiencing as far as side effects and so forth. It is going to get better for us!! How did the ER go?

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I think the exact same thing happened to my skin. I went from moderate acne to severe almost overnight... and at that time, I was on penicillin for strep throat and got a severe yeast infection. I wonder if that's what caused my face to get so bad? :dance:

Anyways, at least you have a supportive loving boyfriend by your side :D You're beautiful... good luck!

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I know exactly what youre going through. i also dropped a class, and i'm taking one online, because i really cant show my face like this for more than a few hours.. and in looking at your picture from early this year, you remind me of myself.. i considered myself pretty good looking before i got on accutane, and now i'm just hideous.. but from speaking with lots of people who have been cured by accutane, i keep myself going by reminding myself that by the holidays, i should have my old face back.. hang in there hun because someone out there is going through the same pain and suffering, you are NOT alone

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Have you tried taking diane-35? I went on roaccutane and it made my acne worse. Antibiotics didn't work for me too.

For the past few years, diane-35 has been keeping my acne in check

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well then do somthing more about it

Don't go to dermatolagists because they just want your money and they arn't the ones wearing your skin so if they screw up then they don't have to deal with the concequences. If it works the forst time great, but after two visits and two different prescriptions that don't work it's time to change doctors or plans.

Try my regime.

I had acne almost like your and now it's completely gone.

If it doesn't work then simply move on, but atleast take two weeks out of your life to try this.

My aproach is really natural,

Don't buy rough acne medications because you don't look like you have a problem with acne as mucha as you do with scabs.

Stay focused on the scabs aand preventing the acne.

try Neutrogena advanced acne therapy kit on preventing them.

Aloe verra from the cactus is a big part of this routine so go down to wall mart and get 3 plants.

I find everytime i use aloe verra in great amounts i don't get any new pimples.

Go to bed early and make sure you change your pillowcase everysecond night.

Tear a leaf open after washing your face(do not use metal)

use the thick gel and smear it on your face while massaging it in.

Do not use your finger tips just use the leaf to rotate it around your face.

Keep your fingers away from your face.

When you use the neutrogena kit use eye swipes to apply the stuff.

Your fingers produce their own oil so masaging the product in your face is liek doing that with vegtable oil.

After the leaf is completely absorbed throw it away. After a while your face will begin to feel tight and that means your good to go.Make sure you have atleast 8-9 hours to spend at nightime. In the morrning just wash off the gel.

Usually scabs take about a week or two to completely heal or fall off so that is what i am focused on.

Preventing acne can also take place within the body.

Eat large amounts of fruits.

Until you feel full.

drink much water.

Fruits help your body heal faster.

Your problem is not your acne, but your healing of the scabs which is the pimpl's aftermath.

Try a strict detox routine for a month.

After your clear just carry around oxy pads with you to swipe sweat during the day.

Maybe switch to a milder cleanser, but continue to use aloe vera each night.

try aspirin mask heard thats good too.

Good luck.

Heres info on aloe:


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