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This is me ... January 2007. As you can see my face is clear. One of those "good" months when my skin was under control. See, I have always had acne, ever since I can remember. It was mild though, occasional pimple or two. My concern wasn't that when I went to se my dermatologist. I have very oily skin. My hair was always a mess and I had to wipe excess oil at all times. So I went to see her couple of moths ago (with my face semi clear, a few little pimples here and there) and that is when it all started ... she prescribed me one antibiotic after another ... with less oily skin came more break outs. She would never explain how it helped or what it was for. She would come in to the exam room each visit and just ask me "so how's it going" ... I would say "well not so good ... I am breaking out more, more severe" ... she would go "well try this now, oh and this and that too". So ok, I did and it did not help. Made it a ton worse and it startred hurting to the point where I could not touch my face ... never happened before, I went online and did a little research and it turned out that the big cysts that started apearing everywhere were called cysts. I called my derm ... and guess what? She was on vacation and no one could help me. I broke down. I ried every night and day. I did not go out untill my family forced me to go to another derm. First thing he said when he saw me was accutane. smile.png( How depressing. I still won't go anywhere until I absolutly must. I still cry and the only person who has stuck by me this whole time is my boyfriend ... and believe me I look worse than a monster now (considering the fact that around this time when the horror with my ex derm started I put braces on). Ehhh ....

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      Hi there,

      I understand your frustration with dermatologists. I also experienced more breakouts than before I went to a derm and was prescribed to use the medication. At first, he said only two weeks of initial breakouts and then my skin will clear up more and more. It didn't, so he changed my prescription again. Well it's been a month and a half and little result. Just wanted to give you support that I understand how you feel, and hopefully we will both make it through.

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      my acne used to be similar to yours ... i tried EVERYTHING except tane.

      I used BP 10%

      Eucerin moisturizer

      Omega 3 fish oil


      Vitamin b5

      green tea for one year and i completely cleared up. I just always like sharing my regimen because i have battle acne for 5 years now and to finally have it under control i wish everyone could experiance the same thing i did. Good luck beautiful.

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      first of all, let me just say you are a beautiful girl, with or without acne.

      i can totally relate to how you are feeling.

      i had almost perfect skin 6 months ago but when summer came I broke out so badly, it was horrible. and it just kept getting worse and worse. i am also a second year at Rutgers University and because of my acne I am only taking 4 classes and I switched to a different campus to avoid bumping into my ex boyfriend (who hasn't seen me all summer so he has no idea I now have acne). But anyways, the acne basically came OUT OF NOWHERE. I quit my job at the mall and went M.I.A, ignoring all my friends. I still am doing this. But yano what? Don't be frustrated because once you're on accutane I;m sure youll be back to yourself in no time! As for me, my acne has died down thanks to proactiv except now I am left with these nasty red marks. Ive been using aqua glycolic and it's really doing a great job fading the red marks and my skin feels smoother.

      Maybe you can give Aqua glycolic a try once you're just down to some red marks and scarring.

      Anyway, hang in there. We're all in the same boat.

      Keep us updated!


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