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© &copy Maximilian Power 2007

May 07.jpg

Hey everybody greetings from Germany!

I always had a couple of pimples in my face and from tme to time had mild Acne that stayed for a couple of weeks and under treatmend faded again. But there have only been a couple of days I could count up having completely clear skin.

What I used to do was scrub my face with cleanser about 3 times a day because I felt much too oily and unclean. I never really cared about what I did all I wanted was a clean feeling face and no pimples. But somehow the pimples always came back right when I was close to total clearing. The kind that start in deep skin layers and appear as red dots and start to hurt like hell and can't be popped.

I got very angry and went to ther derm who said I have acne vulgaris and put me on zineryt, which is an antibiotic with zinc acetate. I combined it with products by Avène (Cleanance cleanser, Cleanance K AHA + BHA cream,Diacneal peeling and acne treatment, Clean-Ac Thermal water moisturizer)

So i used the product zineryt as directed and covered the problem areas with extra diacnealbut the first results took about 3 weeks and then it just all went bad again but i kept using the product as directed since it said that i can take up to 8 weeks. Well it's been over 8 weeks now and I'm still not very clear. The nice thing was that the products dod not dry out my skin as the BP does.

So it's been a couple of months. The Picture is from May 07 and by then I never heard of the Regimen. Until now I experimented with Avene products only and left out the antibiotic completely.

Now that nothing really worked, I am on Dan Kern's Regimen. I have been doing this for about a week and my skin was a little worse than on the may 07 picture. I will post more pictures as my clearing (i hope) progresses.

While on the Regimen I experienced severe dryness and flaking/peeling around my chin and cheek area and i had to peel skin off with tweezers because I otherwise could not go out in public and globbed extra moisturizer on. I hope this side affect will fade in time and I will lower the BP amount for a couple of days.

So what I can say now is that the Regimen works pretty well in keeping breakouts under control. The old Acne marks are still there and I do get a big pimple from time to time but about 80 percent less than before the regimen. I right now don't have any active whiteheads or blackheads but I am sure by the time I wake up tomorrow my zitty friends will greet me good morning again. But sionce this is still week 1 I hope be the end of next week I wil be close to clearing since my skin is about 75 percent better now (except for the dryness and flaking which is awful).

So if anybody wants to ask questions about my treatment history or producs or anything just leave me a comment smile.png


Max Power


© &copy Maximilian Power 2007
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Hello :D

What's up?

Got some questions regarding my treatment or so? Feel free to ask

I should post a picture soon because after this first week I am looking much better and am close to clearing except for the old red spots!


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Hey! Welcome! I'm glad that Dan's regimen is working for you, your skin looks good...BTW You're really good looking!! :D

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Hey! Welcome! I'm glad that Dan's regimen is working for you, your skin looks good...BTW You're really good looking!! :dance:

Thanks! I am very glad, too. I myself don't look at myself as beeing good looking but that's a nice thing to hear :D I can't see you on your picture because there is something yellow in your face :dance:


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