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My Uneven Skin, wish it was perfect:(


Hey guys! I'm new, I just stumbled across this site and its really helpful. Usually all I see is perfect people on the net. It's a nice change to see some normal ppl. Well as you can see, I have a very uneven skin tone. I usually get painful zits in random places on my face. It sucks. I am using Vichy Norma-Derm right now, its a 3 step cleansing system. I will post the results in 2 weeks. Talk to you all later;)

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Yeah i have, i have some friends there. friends of the family. Well yeah my acne needs to leave! I dont feel beautiful with it!!!

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Hey there. Just saying thanks for your comments u left on my album. U look great in this pic. Keep up the good work. U'll get there.

Nicky x

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thanks for all the comments guys! I am new to this, and everything is good so far. Yeah this pic isnt too close up..thank goodness :drool: because if it was you would see that i don't have the smoothest skin on my cheeks. However, the cleanser that I am using is working so far. My mom says that there is not soo much redness if any at all left..and I am not getting and big ugly zits. Thank goodness.

david H: Thanks :P

Nick: Also thanks for the comment, I dont love this pic but i will upload some others later. I enjoy commenting on other ppls results and yours look good:).

ps. how do i add pics to my profile?

Svetlana xoxo :drool:

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Your skin looks quite nice actually. I can see what you're talking about on your cheeks just a TINY bit, but you say that the cleanser is helping it out so that's good news. You're quite a nice looking girl to start with anyway. Best of luck!

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yeah thanks alot. The cleanser is working pretty good so far so im happy:). I have one zit at the moment..YAY and my cheeks feel smooth, something i have'nt felt in like a year! So yeah thanks again for your comment, ill keep ya posted:)

xoSvetlana :P

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Aww thank-you! :P I only wish I could visit England. Its not TOO far from russia eh? haha. What part of England are you from? :drool:

xox Svetlana

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who said ukraine was russia? i fully agree ukraines not russia...my dad was born there along with my brother...its a diff country :(

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