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Oh dear.

Okay, this is my skin as of now. CRAPPY! I'm on Monodox, Differin, and Benzaclin. It's gotten better, but not by much. My skin is still oily, bumpy, and red as ever. I basically want to peel it off and have new, clear skin! How easy would that be? I'll just stick to this and see where it takes me. Almost one more month and I go back to the dermatologist so she can give me something new if this stuff doesn't kick into gear!

Btw, did I mention that I HATE acne?

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      You shouldn't feel that you are ugly! You are not! Just keep going at what your doing and it will get better! It takes major dedication. One suggestion, and I dont know if you do this already but, try changing your pillow cases every 2 days! Its look like you have semi long hair so you want to change them because of all the oils in the hair. I think to drinking water is great! Not saying this is a cure but doing all this together you will definatly see improvement? I dunno if you wear makeup good if you dont but if you do makes sure your washing your brushes. Anything else that comes in contact with your face make sure is washed thouroughly. I just want to help because no one should ever be ashamed of the way they look!

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      hang in there. it gets better. dunno but i also heard accutane does wonders so hey.

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      Is monodox an antibiotic?

      I know minocycline has worked wonders for me in the past. It completely cleared up my skin.

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      you have gorgeous eyes. your skin does look pretty smooth here, but i def understand you wanting really clear skin. i'd really recommend asking your derm for accutane--even if your acne isn't that terrible, mine wasn't when I went on Tane and it helps so much. I am just recommending this because I used to be on an antibiotic and benzaclin and after a while it stopped working on me. :D Best of luck to you though!!! I hope your skin gets better in these next few weeks from the regimen you're on now.

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