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After surgery

Well its not exactly an acne scar. But this is a demonstration of how when a person and car get into a fight. The car usually wins espicially when its going 50 mph and the driver doesn't even see you.

    From the album:

    Not really an acne scar but a nice one

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    ok well

    lets say i fought with a car and the car won

    think a person + guy in car oblivious to everything around him speeding at 50= Breaking his windshield flying and hitting the ground from 10 feet in the air.

    in the picturre you see my broken arm which was really broken lol

    after surgery

    18 staples if your to lazy to count and 9 screws and 2 plates.

    im fine now. kind of paranoid at the time because i play guitar and had upcoming shows but i rocked them so its all good

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    It looks both dry and infected...

    But cool! How'd you do it?

    Why do you say it looks infected? It would be all pussy and REALLY nasty looking if it were......??

    Anyway, man, that looks like it hurts...but I'm glad you're all right.....that would be awfully traumatizing to get nailed by a car!

    Take care......looks like you're healing up nicely!

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    Looks really sore, man. It makes my stomach jump just looking at it. Good to hear you're ok though.

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    that must have hurt soo bad. i had a knee replacement and that was NOT FUN>

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    Um, WOW! That's really cool looking in a weird kind of way. I've NEVER seen something like that. I'm weird but...I actually like it. Probably hurts though. So, um..yeah. Hope it gets better! :D

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    I am glad you survived the car accident. Well, here is the good news to your injury....

    #1your arm seems to be healing as so it seems in the picture. #2 You still have an arm.

    Bad news.. yes you'll have a huge scar at the end.

    Now here is my perspective on it...

    1. Your scar is a reminder of your survival. You can share with others your amazing story.

    2. having a scar such as yours does not compare to the plight of those that have acne scars. The first thing we see is the face and that gives a lasting impression. None of us want to be remembered as, " oh , yeah, the girl or the guy with the pimples and scars". Your scar has a much better possibility of being removed or diminished but ours don't. We have to submit to trials and wait n sees. Nothing is definite nor too assuring, and mind you too costly for some of our pockets. We have submit ourselves like guinea pigs essentially to the cause.

    3. Unfortunately, yes we do live in a society that is a bit too obsessive with looks. That kind of makes us vain. Especially, when we are bombarded with advertisements of what the ideal woman or man must look like and have to be beautiful and accepted. We are told what to wear, what to smell like and so on.

    But sad enough, people forget to look deeper than the outer surface of a person's mental, emotional, and physical being. We are all human and have different afflictions, but at the end we are all the same.

    Best wishes,

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