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I started the regimen like a week ago its gotten better but still not good. if any advice id love to hear it. It looks bad cuz i have moisturizer on but their small pimples. Im gonna try the hole regimen. its been a week and its improved alot. justogtta stick it out

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      I would go see a derm to be honest with you... you would see a huge difference with prescription meds/tropicals than over the counter BP.

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      let him give the regimen a shot... he's only one week in... could work for him

      stick with it dude, good luck

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      my skin was probably worse then that. because i had huge ass cysts everywhere. i did nothing with my skin and had major improvements. now i have redmarks and 3 cysts but for the most part i dont have 2412525 cysts on my face.

      and i am now on the regimen. and icant say for sure if its doin much. but its only been like 3 weeks.

      gl bro.

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      Hey, I have a few tips (you may already know them....):

      1) Change your pillow case every night (I've done it for years and it's definitely helped my skin stay under control...if you don't lay on the pillow case night after night when there's a build up of crap from your skin and hair...it can only help you acne)...

      2) Be careful about the fabric softener you use. I had TERRIBLE breakouts for 3 months...and I finally pinpointed the cause--I changed fabric softener sheets...and the new kind...I assume due to the fragrance...wreaked havoc on my skin. My friend uses "free and clear" and swears by it and I use the Kirkland sheets from Costco..which have never irritated my skin)

      3) Always moisturize. Drying out your skin causes the sebacious glands to go into over drive and cause more problems....

      4) No picking. I've paid for it ....literally. After God knows how many chemical peels and microdermabrasion series...I've spend thousands paying for my impulsive behavior

      5) Drink lots of water

      6) Avoid the sun

      7) Be wary of hair products that contain oils and waxes...these things can cause issues along your hairline

      8) Wash your hats if you wear them frequently (you can buy these little plastic things shaped like a hat...that you put it in, close it and throw in your washer) .... I like to wear hats frequently and until I started to wash them, I think the dirt and grime built up on the part that rested on my forehead was another cause of my acne (or, if not the cause, it just exacerbated it)

      9) Make a concious effort to keep your hands away from your face at all times....

      That's all I can think of...hang in there.....it'll get better

      (p.s. The Queen Eileen mint julep mask is pretty cool.....it contains sulfer which is an anti-microbial...just don't use too much of it as it can be a little drying)


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      Your face looks painful and irritated, ive been there, my face isn't quite as bad as it used to be, all i can say. Don't overcompinsate your medicine you use, it will just turn your face red plus you will have bad acne, I made that mistake in the past. Don't touch your face, don't IRRITATE your face!

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