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What can I do?

I have had mild severe acne since february. I went to a derm. and he prescripted me roaccutane. Also I was afraid of side effects and I refused to use it. After that I went another derm. She offered me two treatments. One of them was roaccutane. But I accept the first one that antibiotic (azax) and benzoil peroxide (benzmycin). I've started this treatment for about 1 month ago and it worked. I had had some cysts on my cheeks. But they gone away. Now I have some troubles about redmarks. Nowadays I have no active acne. What can I do for redmarks. And how long does it take to get better. I never squeeze my bumps but I am afraid of scars...

Now what I use;

1- Sebamed Face & Body wash gel. (morning and night)

2- Benzamycin (twice a day) contains %10bp

3- Zinc pills 50mg a day.

4- Fish oil (every other day).

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    Hey, I am currently taking Accutane, and I have to say, that I was just as scared as you were! I am now on my 2nd month and it's pretty clear that you know that the benefit of this drug outweighs the side effects, and now I am happier than ever that I am taking it! Anyway, getting back to you, your face already looks great, but your red marks would definitely fade away with Accutane, and more than likely, your acne wouldn't come back. As difficult as it is for many people to be prescribed with Accutane, you're pretty lucky to be given it as an option. A lot of people have to bring it up to their derm that they want to use Accutane for their acne. So the hint is that you are a good candidate for this drug...you should definitely give it a shot. Best Wishes! :(

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    Hi BRK, after looking at your picture very closely the only scars i saw were line scars, one on your jaw line and one on the right hand side of your forehead. Both look very cool am curious to how u got them. U dont have any permanent acne scarring atm and those red marks will fade to nothing. If by some strange reason there is scarring it will be sooo minimal i doubt u will even notice. Time is the best healer in your circumstance and u will be fine. Best of luck to u.

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    Hello BRK,

    I've had outbreaks of cysts & nodules in the past myself before starting Dan's BP Regimen. I find chemical peels to be the easiest way to remove/lessen red marks and hyperpigmentation from acne (as well as from shaving, for men). You might be interested in this website: www.skinculture.com. The chemical peels they sell are "do-it-at-home" peels, so a physician is not required and the procedure is very private. I've done the 4000 peel 2x already, and they've also helped with my scars. Pretty amazing, actually. I would highly recommend trying one for yourself!

    Hope this helps. Good luck!

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