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It looks worse than it looks. When I put makeup on all you can see is bumps all over. Do they ever go away? I know I am being unrealistic in hoping that I will wake up tomorrow and they will be gone. I am just afraid that even when I am done with this accutane it won't be gone! I am afraid to even show the other side.

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hm. it's not bad! just stay strong.

I'm sure all the bumps will go away, your acne doesn't look too too severe so I don't think you'll scar. you might just have to deal with some redmarks.

good luck! :(

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My face is a lot like yours.. except all my zits are a bit redder and I have paler skin :( its a pain, isn't it? Best of luck to you :ohno:

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Before I started accutane my skin was similar to yours

it was weird because i never had such serious acne before in my life

and it was really hard for me

now im on my 4th month for accutane and my acne has calmed down and it looks so much better.

I wish you all the best luck

dont give up hope i know accutane will help you :(

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Hey I was looking at the gallery and noticed that you seem to be in the same situation as i am! I have never had serious acne in my life, and up untill 7 months ago i had perfect skin! I'm 18 to be 19 in november and im feel a bit too old to be getting acne all of a sudden and was completley caught off guard! It feels so unreal, something u just dont think would ever happen to you, and i just dont understand how it could get this bad so fast. I have tried BP, antibiotics, and diane 35(the pill) and now I have been on accutane for 5 months. I might be going on oral steriods shortly too for a week, to reduce imflamation. I have noticed improvments for sure since having mild to severe acne, its still bad but much better then before. it's improving very slowly, the red spots make it look worse then it is. I was actaully pretty unlucky where i found my acne got severly worse with accutane and stayed that way for the first 3 months, but dont worry apperently thats a 1 in 500 chance that it gets severly worse...hmmm..lucky me. I know a few people that accutane has done wonders on, even one of my best frineds mom who took it in highschool and has been clear to this day! Acne has been one of most difficult thing i have had to deal with, and totally agree with you i avoid the mirrors as much as possible. It think it only makes me feel selfconcious and bad and interfers with how i feel during the day. Just here to give you some hope and to let yah kno your not the only one out there! Acne is such a difficult thing, even more difficult to deal with then people who dont suffer can understand. let me know of yah have any questions, advice or just wanna talk!

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Hi! Accutane is the best drug ever. I know how you feel though. I remember driving in my car to class and all I wanted to to was turn around and hide from everyone. Its so frustrating bc its a slow process but trust me when I tell you it will get better! A lot better! My was terrible around October and November and now I have no active acne! I didn't believe it would work either, but it does. I wish you well and know that everything will get better. Also some other advise "Don't Pick" I have some scarring bc I did, so if you don't when you clear up everything will look perfect!

Best Wishes!

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Hi just go with the accutane regiment be patient with it everyone wants a quick fix sorry people it doesn't work that way.

i started getting acne when i was like 16 or 17 years old i had to take accutane twice the first time it didn't do to much.

I still get some pimples here or there not as bad as i use too so it does help it didn't cure me completly from acne eveyone that takes accutane still get some pimples with they are finnish there regiment!!

But like i said Accutane does help alot Keep your head it will really help you clear up!!!

i'm 32 now.

good luck!!

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Girlfriend, I totally understand what your going through. My acne came out of no where. My life was so changed. All I wanted to do was go home and hide. I've tried Everything and im sure you have as well. Your so beautiful and its a shame that people who have never suffered with acne dont see past it. Right now im on a birth control and a anit-andergen medication that is actually used to treat high blood pressure. Its working, with prayer. I'm also using some topical things as well that seem to help. I've been to at least 6 different dermatologist in the past 4 years, its on going stress. Applying makeup is depressing- I know. I would have to wake up like and hour earlier then I was suppossed to just to cake on makeup. I know your pain. If you'd like to talk, contact me, i'd love to support. Hang in their.


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