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Been using the regimen for over a year now


Heres an update on my progess.

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Soul on the clear skin regimen

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great improvements..

it would take so much time to write about my story too.. i shared the same sentiments with u guys. tears here, there till i lost hope and feeling depressed. tried SEVERAL products even PROACTIV didnt work at all.. spent thousands of dollar from laser treatment which indeed work but they lied, told me that it won't come back but it did after 3 months, i cried again coz they came back with a vengeance, painful embarrassing zits and plus thinking about the the ripped-off thousands of dollars. so one day i came across with this website and start reading about people's testimonials and i thought why in the world would this work? i mean, proactiv has the same stuff 2.5% BP and this is just the same. the laser didn't work and i thought my zits would die if i die first u know. so i bought 2 tubes coz geesh it's cheap anyway compared to what i had spent before. i tried but it felt like it's not working and it's drying my face pretty bad and the more dry it is the more oil ur skin produces and moisturizers don't work for me i feel oily and dirty the whole day. so i just applied sporadically sometimes 3x a week or 4 days a week then suddenly...... i noticed my skin started to clear up.. so i started my own regimen..

In the morning:

Wash face with some soap/antibacterial buffer. i bought mine from abroad

then i used Aveeno positively radiant facewash. it has this soft milky silky substance..

then that's it. pat dry then ready to go. I don't put BP in the morning I let my face rest.

In the evening:

wash face with my soap then I used Equate apricot facial scrub 3x week then I use Aveeno positevely radiant facewash again then i apply darn kern's BP gel



Shellfish: lobster, crabs, shrimps, mullusks, oysters, clams, etc. even high iodine foods like squids etc

minimize eating high fatty/cholesterol foods: chocolates even if they say that there's no link to acne and chocolate like.. duh! there was no cure for tuberculosis centuries ago, every skin is different some are allergic to some fruits, danders blah blah.. so just beware of these foods.. also Avocado..

You might wanna try Vitamin A every other day.. but if you have bad kidney.. it's not recommended.. try to get a lot of sleep.. stress also can cause breakouts.. and also.. change of climate.. i get pimples during the change of climate from winter to summer or summer to winter no matter what i do they just have to come out but only 1 or 2.

those are my favorite foods that i had been trying to stay out off. i'm just gonna eat them when i age 70+ when i don't have to worry about my looks anymore.

so there.. goodluck :D

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