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So this is me the other day about 3 weeks into accutane (with make up on) as im too self consious to show you guys without it! and im finding it started to get better about 2 weeks into it but now its getting really, realy, really bad! why is this? my acne has got a whole heap worse since this picture was taken abut a week ago!? sideways.gif can anyone explain this to me.. i mean what is all that about?! as u can notice in this pic my bad area at the mo is the massive cysts on my right side of my chin... i hate acne so much cannot wait to be free of this hideous disease! x

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you're probably hitting the initial breakout point of the Accutane course. I went through it, and yeah it stinks, but it goes away. Anyways good luck :(

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This is my first appearence on this site. Hopefully I'm doing this right. I'm a 43 yrs old and battled with acne since about the age of sixteen. I can feel for you guy's who are experiencing this now and feel helpless. Hormones, developing facial hair, excessive partying (toxins), intense athletics and a BAD diet I believe all contributed to the onslaught. Years of antibiotics, soaps, solutions, accutane, peels, etc. and it all got real confusing and depressing. I then realized at about 25 or so that I needed to drop it ALL and start from the basics. Clean up myself internally first. A good diet. Find out what worked for me. Started simple and fresh. I hate to sound like a crumudgen but for me it was no more junk food, drinking, and casual smoking. I really believe the smoking triggered the severity of the disease at an early age. It destroys collagen which is critical for the skins resilence and the drinking dehydrated me. Remove things that you can control that are stressfull. I stopped trying to wash away the problem and let my skin breath. I washed with a gentle soap and moisturized my skin. Yeh moisturized it ! In the morning and at night. If I got an occasional breakout I put Benz on it and left it alone. Forget about it! Move on and treat it when I wash. Soaps can be fickle but after a little experimenting I was able to find one that works. I moisturize with Palmers cocoa butter with vitamin E and it works for me. I honestly believe simple is best. It's hard to quit obsessing over it and feeling the need to find that one silver bullet that will fix it immediately. It takes time and this forum is a great place to start. I meant for this to be a little insight into what I experienced at what worked for me. I hope it helps!!

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don't worry i broke out till end of month 3 and i still do

its going to get better :(

Hey yeah i know i just got to be patient but...holy hell this hurts!! its just so painfull... and depressing! ive only been on it for 4 weeks but i thought id been throught my IB already!! stupid acne its really uncontrolable with me! xx

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Hi -

I saw your post and pic's and you are really pretty! In no time, that chin will clear, and you will have 100% beautiful skin. Maybe as you are reading this note things are clearing..heard dramatic changes can take place in a day or two.

I have similar acne to yours - mainly the buggers on my chin. My Derm. said it's hormonal adult acne. I didn't have acne as a teen, and now at 38, have chin acne most of the time. Clears some, but then bam, it comes back. I've tried lots of topicals and antibiotics - suppose to go on low dose Accutane on 3/30. Really scared. My skin is smooth and looks good, except for my chin. Just want to ensure I look better in the end versus now.

I have a few questions for you. What dosage are you on? Beside dryness, does Accutane make your face more red or about the same? How is the texture of your skin? Mainly, is your chin a little bumpy, and the rest feels okay? Do you wear contacts and if so, are your eyes doing okay? Any other side effects, body aches, tiredness, upset stomach, etc.?

Thanks much! I appreciate your feedback. Take car and hang in there!


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60mg/day is nothing..i was taking 80mg/day..use Vaseline(petroleum jelly) on your lips before u go to bed..it really helps..and be generous...it should be very shiny...

but whats more important is that you are a blond bombshell....i'd love to lick your face...you can come over to my place any time....lol :(

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hey.. i havent viewed my account since about 2009.. but ive logged back in today.. and i cant view any of my previous comments from people? can anyone help me? xx

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