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much like my hair colour, the spots are beginning to fade, as you can see some have gone down and look less prominent, they're starting to become flat and just adapt that weird purple look they decide to go into some times, currently using Jojoba Oil after gentle cleansing to act as a moisturiser and generally inject some nutirents into my skin, diet wise i just do what i want really, however i do try and limit myself to the amount of fatty foods i eat, and i don't eat anything after s 7pm

I smoke a lot aswell, around 20 a day, and for some reason i find it helps, i can't explain why i think it does, i remember reading somewhere that it contains an anti imflammatory, also it helps me relax so it eliminates the stress factor of spots. Then again it will give me cancer one day and make my skin look like a shrivelled prune, but thats what surgery is for =]

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    For the money you spend buying all those cigs, you could put a few patches on and get a masseuse once in a while for the stress. lol, good luck

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