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...and if i seem to be afraid to live the life that i have m


wwwell. i visited my derm last week and took my first pregnacy test and everything. i will be starting accutane at 20mg a day on march 4. i took a nap on the street and took this picture. not entirely an attempt to kill myself. my skin is oily now and i constantly use those clean and clear oil absorbing sheets. i hate the way my pores look. it really worked amazing on my skin the first time i used it, minus all the side effects. i decided its worth it now. last time i didnt quite finish my whole dosage, which is why i feel i need to give it one more chance. i still have a llot of red marks and just a ruddy complextion in general..lasers galore haven't really helped the way i hoped them to...anyway, here goes another round of accutane...

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Embarking on accutane...again.

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haha o gees thank you...no i have more of a problem wiith recurrent minor acne and a shit load of red marks. i wear bare minerals bisque and coverup powder which does wonders with concealing but i cant helpo but feel i hid behind the makeup and ive just gotten to this point in my life where im realizing you cant live everyday of your life in makeup bc it just shows how insecure you are and youre hidding..but anyyway yeah.

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Hey munchkin :(

Firstly.. you are gorgeous... and secondly, the make-up i use is Revlon colour stay pressed powder (its in a black compact), i use a hard bristtled brush to apply it to my face, ive experimented with so many brushes and med/hard ive been most happy with, i dont apply it how its 'supposed to be applied' hehe, instead i like roughly dab it onto my face. Then i lightly brush some bronzer on, its called Thin Lizzy's 6 in 1 and i bought that off an info-mercial, really happy with it need to order more. Sometimes before these two steps i put on a little bit of foundation.. this covers my marks wayyy better, people comment how clear it looks every time i do it... but i dont like using too much makeup, so i lightly use the two powders.

I know what u mean about trying to get the makeup to match ur skin colour. For many yrs in photos my face always looked so white compared to my neck and chest... and when ur applying makeup on ur face u dont notice untill u see a photo or look in the mirror heaps closely. So if this is the case with u.. do what i did, and go up a colour or two from what u are currently using, i used to get pale ivory or something.. but now medium beige. And it looks dark in the compact but once u apply it to ur face its fantastic, and if it appear the lightest dark from ur neck then brush a lil bronzer on ur neck to even it out. Its so kwik for me now, takes me 5 mins to apply everything on- inc eye makeup, blush... where as before took me 30 mins if not more (maybe its because i had much more noticable marks i dunno).

Sorry bout the short story hehehe... just in a yapping mood


goodluck with it all hun, i still got a long way to go!

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Hey Nat,

I cant believe you're going to give accutane a second chance after the severe side effects that you had! :ohno: Have you changed dermatologists? I dont know how dermatologists in the US work, but I know in the UK they wouldnt have given you a second chance.

Anyway, I wish you the best of luck with this round, but I would be VERY careful. I cant help but feel a little worried for you :lol: I hope you get the results that you are looking for this time round. :(

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