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One months later!

Wow! I see improvement! I cant tell by looking in the mirror, because I see it everyday of my life.

But looking at pictures before and after...tell me everything.

Okay this is how Ive started to clear up my back.

Ive been washing my back with H&S every morning, leaving a very thin film leftover. So I pretty much just dont rinse the soap off 100%.

Than every nigh I would BP my back with 5% BP alchol base. I would use A LOT. Go through a 60g tube in one week, just on the back. Now the first week, I didnt get no side effects at all. Than two weeks later, omg the skin on my back became like a reptiles skin. Hard, crusty, and flaking. It was soo sore and itchy! AHhh! It got soo bad I had to lay off the BP for a week.

I switched over to a 5% water based BP and now I dont get that bad skin effect as from the alchol base.

Now for a month or more, the skin just kept peeling. I was thinking...hmm maybe I should see a docter? But tha I was thinking if its peeling so much, maybe I can fade some scars. LoL!

I also have started using a loofah now. Since the acne on my back isnt soo spread, I can scrub it good without pain.

Im going to continue what I am doing, and hopefully it'll clear up more.


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