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My Acne after Accutane

My Acne after Accutane. On my second course.

Sorry for picture quality but I think I look better that way. My face has been this good for over a week so I felt like it was worthing taking a picture and putting in here. The breakouts have greatly lessened and I believe it's from the Certain Dri. My self-esteem has boosted so much since the last picture. I've been working at my new job for two weeks and everyone is so nice!

My derm returned my question about the Accutane dosage and she said she plans on reducing it to 20mg since it's my second course. She's so nice to prescribe me it a second time. She understands my acne has been persistant and effects me so much emotionally. I'm grateful. I think I'll be free of this old burden soon and not have to think about it again. sideways.gif

Mood: happy smile.png

Modified regimen since the last photo:

A.M. & P.M.

[x] cleanse with Biore blemish fighting ice cleanser

[x] gently exfoliate with baking soda

[x] apply certain dri on problem areas

[x] moisturize with Olay sensitive without spf

[x] Aquaphor for lips and nose

[x] Accutane at 40mg; second course for persistant acne (started January 12)


[x] green smoothie 3x daily

[x] metamucil fiber (unflavored) 30 minutes after meals

[x] Braggs apple cider vinegar; drink 2 tbs in glass of water 3x daily with a straw


[x] Bryan Kest's power yoga and aerobics


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    I'm so happy for you! Always remember it doesn't matter what people's opinions of you are. Love yourself and know that is all that matters. :(

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    Thanks so much solemnity. :ohno:

    Drusilla you're very wise and that's great advice. I've been living that way these days, thanks. :(

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    Wow! Your face looks great, bro.

    I think I'm going to keep my certain dri post tane as a back-up.

    BTW, how can you do that ACV thing in water?! I tried it in water and it was terrible. I even had trouble drinking it in orange juice. Do you get used to it eventually?

    Anyway, you're lookin' awesome. Congrats!!!

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