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Worst side of my face

I came back to acne.org this weekend after being gone for a few months. My acne is changing from whiteheads and blackheads to whiteheads and "cystic nodules." What a lovely term. I just turned 23 and I thought I would grow out of it, but I guess acne wants to follow me for a while longer. I've got my dad's 18th-hole-sized pores and apparently his acne (my mom said that he still had some when the got married when he was 24). He still gets cysts on his back and pimples around his ears.

I started the regimen five days ago. I was already using BP 2.5%, but I have never used as much as Dan recommends so I stepped up to the finger full. I figured I was using about half that amount before. I am washing with Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Cream Cleanser, which has some Salicylic acid in it so I plan to get a gentle bar soon to replace it. I also plan to apply more gently. For a mousourizer, I use Purpose by Johnson and Johnson Dual Treatment Moisture Lotion with SPF 15. Oil-free, hypoallergenic, fragrance free, won't clog pores, etc. It lists active ingredients as Oxitonate, Meradimate, and Titanium Dioxide.

I quit wearing my Almay Clear Complexion Makeup on Monday because it also has Salicylic acid in it and I felt it irritating my skin throughout the day. It was pretty hard to do, given that I went back to school this week. Talk about stres. I write and edit for the school paper and our production nights are going to be doosies this year. I go to class at 10 a.m. and stay all day and then for production night until around midnight or 1 a.m. Then it's back to class at 10 a.m. the next morning. Not very much room for sleep, but when everyone else is just as stressed as I am, I can't get a break just for my acne.

I have kept my hair down as my last sheild from surprised friends who have always seen me with makeup on, however and I think that it adds to irritation because I often accidently brush my face when I am battling static clingy hair. This picture was taken right before I washed at night. After I applied the BP, my skin felt very dry. Oh well, these things hurt, regimen or no regimen.

OUtside of the regimen, I am trying to eat flax seed in my oatmeal and yogurt and stepping it up on the veggies but my busy school schedule pretty much governs when and how much I eat. We order pizza every production night and even though it puts stress on my stomach for at least 24 hours following, I usually have one piece. I am also trying to excersize when I can, but that also depends on my schedule.

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go for accutane even if you dont think you "need" it because if you let it persist you will collect the scars and soon find yourself in the world of shit that the people who do let it persist find themselves in. Find the best derm. in your city and go to him or her, then see if you can't get some glycolic peels or photo facial treatments to aid in the healing. you'll thank yourself everytime you look at your skin, trust me.

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