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Hat Time !

I noticed a lack of silly hats on the org. This crazy number i picked up at a german festival, where i got drunk with big stein glasses , ate vast amounts of small goods and sang a bunch of german songs with some german people (seeing i didn't know any german i just replaced the words with those of the lumberjack song from monty python)

From the album:

Life After Accutane

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You fucking lepricon,

If i ever get my hands on you, im gonna sue your balls off for false advertising

Pot of gold my ass :(

Fucking irish bum

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You fucking lepricon,

If i ever get my hands on you, im gonna sue your balls off for false advertising

Pot of gold my ass

Fucking irish bum


lol lol wtf?

congrads on ur skin it looks awesome!

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I have to tell you a funny story about the lumberjack song. My senior year of high school I decided to start a garden at an old folks home for my senior project. When I was working on my presentation I just couldn't seem to think of a good introduction. Then it hit me...everyone likes charming little kid pictures right? So in my frenzy 2 days before I had to give my presentation I came across this picture I drew of a gardenish thing when I was a kid! That would have been enough but, no, I had to outdo myself and make up a poem that seemed like an 8 year old had done it. Big mistake. I went on the internet and found this poem that some gardening geek had made up but actually was the lumberjack song but replaced with gardening words. It was perfect and I didn't think anyone would recognize the song, since its kind of obscure. Well right during my presentation, after I read the poem and showed the picture, one of my fellow classmates burst out laughing and was like "Whaaa?'... After we were all done with presentations he and 2 other guys came up to me and sarcastically were like "Wow thats pretty amazing for a little kid to know about monty python and then to replace the words with a poem about thier love of gardening." I should have just confessed right there and then but stupidly I tried to explain and it came out totally farfetched. I was sooo embarrassed considering one of these guys I kind of had a crush on. Obviously there are more people out there with a knowledge of this song than I thought...

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