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Day 33- Pill 30


I'm at my 30-pill mark!!!! So far I think there has been significant improvement. I'm still getting new pimples but they heal pretty quickly. I am thus hopeful for the months ahead. For next month I have been switched to a higher dosage - alternating 40mg/80mg. I'm hoping nothing too drastic happens by way of side effects. I got my retina checked at and it turns out it's fine even though the number of eye floaters I have has increased. I have an eye exam in February to see if there have been any changes in vision. Anyway, I've also been taking flax seed oil pills and drinking diluted ACV twice daily. I've also been using ACV on my face. I bought myself a tub of shea butter which I have been applying to my entire face but will probably have to restrict to really dry areas because it's very greasy stuff. That's all for now.

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does applying ACV topically cause you any irritation now that you're on accutane?

I've been drinking ACV lately.. and I think it could be working for me. It's good stuff. XD

I'm so glad accutane seems to be working for you hun. Keep it up!!!

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I usually use it at night after washing with a gentle cleanser, let it dry for about 10 min then apply aloe vera gel (fruit of the earth). I think the aloe helps with any irritation because I haven't found it irritating at all (at least not yet !). Thanks for the well wishes....I really hope accutane comes through 100% for me! How long have you been drinking ACV and how much do you drink?


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angster! :(

I've been drinking ACV for 2 weeks now and my skin looked significantly calmer for the past week. I take one tablespoon per glass about 2-3 times a day. :ohno:

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