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after 1st treatment


This is a current photo, about 5 weeks after my first smoothbeam treatment. I'm going Thursday for my second one.

I've had one full face Smoothbeam treatment at a setting of 13 (with no numbing cream! oi!) and one full face V-beam. I'm soooooooo happy with the results from this treatment! I really felt so hopeless before because nothing was helping. I really think this treatment is a great way to go because there are no side effects, the results come much faster than accutane, and it's super effective!!

I have no active acne right now, the little red spots are only red marks- they kind of look like reddish freckles. I'm hoping the red marks I do have left will continue to fade fast after my next treatment, but really I'm happy with the improvement I've had already. Acne can be so hellish- I still kind of cringe sometimes when people are super close to my face, but only out of habit and psychological scarring (no joke).

Seeing Kate Ehlke's gallery images totally inspired me to investigate this treatment and I'm so glad I did! :lol:

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    WOW, after seeing your before and afters, i just have to say you look WONDERFUL! congratulations, you should be so pleased, the improvement is truly phenomenal! and after the first session! keep up the amazing progress! - lisa

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    Jesus... so that's after just ONE visit??? :P How long after the treatment was it before your skin started to clear, and got to what it is in the picture? Have you seen oil reduction yet? I'm excited, I have a smoothbeam/vbeam consultation on the 15th :drool:

    Congrats! You look great!

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    you look great, I'm happy for you, although even with the acne you still looked beautiful :P

    I have a few questions that I'd like you to answer if you can...

    how much did this treatment cost you?

    how does your skin look right after the treatment? is it one of those where you take off a layer of your skin or something like that?

    did you ever take accutane?


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    Hey guys! Thanks so much for all the positive feedback!

    To answer some questions....

    Within a week after my first treatment my breakouts were fewer and the pimples were smaller, but I continued to break out for about 3 weeks... way smaller and less dramatic though--- I could definitely tell that it was getting better! The photo was taken 5 weeks after the first visit,, so the redness finally had a chance to go down, and the red marks were starting to show a lot of improvement. The V-beam helps with red marks and helps with pitted scarring, but it takes about 4 weeks to start to kick in. I didn't really have any pitted scarring so I can't really give feedback about that.

    And yes, my skin was much less oily after the first visit immediately... and continues to be much less oily! My make up actually stays on. It's amazing.

    Price-- I went to the Laser Institute of Georgia and they have a package with the combined full face Smoothbeam and V-beam it is $400 per treatment. Individually the Smoothbeam is $300. They said to expect between 3 to 7 treatments depending on the person and the severity of the case. But most people's active acne clears after the first treatment!

    It's great!!! I HATE acne. And I hate hate hate how it affects people. I really back up this treatment because it's amazing.

    My first treatment I had no ill after effects, but I just had my second treatment yesturday and I do have some tiny bruises on my face. They are about the diameter of an english pea- small but dark red and purple. Annoying yes, but no nearly as bad as acne. Just want you to know that some people have reactions such as small bruises, red skin like a sunburn, small water blisters, or bumpy skin like hives... All of that is totally temporary though.

    Hope that helps!!

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    $400 per treatment.

    cha ching!!

    damn that's expensive. doctors make good money....

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    Wow, I have done basically 1 SB treatment a month since April 2003 until now (at $500 a session, I know its ridiculous) but I NEVER saw results like that, you should seriously send your picture to Candela because I'm sure they would be amazed at such an improvement after only 1 session!

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    i agree u look great, and u have nice pale skin.

    i know how u feel about cringin from people getting close to you, i have the same problem :(

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