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This was taken 9 days before i started accutane, im almost a week into the course. I'm actually doing better on this picture than before. I will post more updated pics later.

A little bit of my history: I'm 20 yrs old, ive had acne since i was 13 but really mild/moderate usually had its ups and downs. About 1 1/2 i actually had a good streak where i didnt really break out anymore, i thought i was almost done with the acne stage but then ... September of 2006 i just started breaking out more and more but no cysts/nodules yet then ... around mid-october i just started getting cysts. Then it was just downhill from there and it just got worse and worse to the point where it looks like i got hit by a bat. It was that swollen.

Well Accutane is the last hope. Just hoping for the best. Im tired of this!

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Before Accutane

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Dont' worry about it dude!!! I have been on this thing for a while and it seems like sooooo many people who have done accutane have had awesome results and I think it will be the same for you. Don't get discouraged if it takes a while b/c for some it was short and others it took months but a really good majority of them got better. Good luck with it and keep us posted!!

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Thanks for the support guys. Really tho, if it was for this site i wouldnt even know about accutane and i wouldnt know how to stay positive about the situation. When i read about what people are going thru, i just dont feel so lonely. Thank you again. :(

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Hey, if you see the results get by a course of Accutane, I think you will be allright!!! Try to stay positive and strong and you will get a acne-free face eventually, no doubt!!! :(

When will you start?

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Thanks, im trying to stay positive i mean on this picture i was getting better already(ALOT BETTER) my face was way worse before. I started tane the 29th of dec. 06 and my face is alot better now i dont know if its bc of my regimen i started using again b4 i took tane or mayb its the tane i dont know. I have alot of scars now and lots of WEIRD-LOOKING big white heads. They look like eczema/big white heads like they're really dry but theres white stuff in it. Is this normal? Ill post up some more pic once i get my cam recharged.

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Good luck man. My acne was just like yours. Accutane really helps, but the first month for me was for dry. Load up on lotion and chapstick. If you any questions, just pm me your aim sn

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Yo remeber whilst on accutane you should moisturise. That will deal with alot of the redness and dryness. You probably wont want to, but it will reduce the side effects alot.

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ahh .. ull be clear soon.. plus after ure accutane.. try a photo facial.. look it up on google.. that will clear any additonal scarring.. GOOD LUCK BUDDY

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